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Course of Action If There’s a Warrant for Your Arrest in New Jersey

September 21, 2023
Important Information to Know About Arrest warrant in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Having an Outstanding Warrant for Your Arrest is a Serious Matter That Requires Prompt Attention and Assistance from a Qualified Defense Attorney in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ A warrant is an official document that gives a local law enforcement agency permission to complete an action: either arrest a person in the case of an […]

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Can I Refuse a Police Request to Search My Phone?

September 7, 2023
Let Our Attorneys Explain Your Options When Police Requests Your Phone in New Jersey

Are Police Required to Have a Valid Search Warrant to Search Your Phone in New Jersey? Our Attorneys Explain the Technicalities Where does more personal information, financial information, and even insight into your thoughts and behaviors reside than any other single place? A little device that you probably carry with you everywhere you go: your […]

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Shielding Your Rights During Probation Drug Testing

July 21, 2023
Trust Our Criminal Defense Lawyers for Your Drug Testing Process in Monmouth County, NJ

Experienced Defense Attorneys Discuss the Many Aspects of Drug Testing while on Probation in Monmouth County, NJ When you are placed on probation, it is not party time. You must meet several obligations, such as the payment of fines and community service. Normally, the judge will instruct you to stay drug and alcohol-free. To keep […]

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Juvenile Offense Waiver Laws and Procedures in NJ

April 6, 2023
Criminal Defense Lawyers Keeping Juveniles Offenses from Being Transferred to an Adult Court in Monmouth County, NJ

Defending Against Juvenile Waivers to Adult Court in Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ Communities want their leadership to be tough on crime.  Rampant drug crimes, robberies, and violent crimes create an environment of fear and aggression.  People clamor for prosecutors to come down hard on criminals, even when those criminals are children.  Typically, youths who […]

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Minors Facing Controlled Dangerous Substance Charges in New Jersey

January 27, 2023
Alternatives to Deal with CDS Juvenile Charges in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Drug Possession and Distribution Charges Committed by Juveniles are Not Taken Lightly in New Jersey. It is a surprise to no one that drug crimes are rising and have been doing so for the last decade. The latest shockingly common overdoses of fentanyl and heroin indicate the pervasive nature of controlled dangerous substances among adults […]

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Charges for Lewdness on Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach

September 21, 2022
Legal Consequences of Having Sexual Contact on Gunnison Beach, NJ

You may be shocked to find out you are facing federal charges for a lewd act on Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook, the seven mile stretch just off the coast of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Gunnison Beach is located on the peninsula of Sandy Hook, off the northeastern coast of Monmouth County proper. In the […]

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Roadmap for Early Termination of Probation in New Jersey

June 10, 2022
Procedure and Requirements to File a Motion for Early Termination of Your Probation in West Long Branch, NJ

A petition for early termination of probation can be filed if a person completes a series of important steps and meets certain requirements in New Jersey. If you have recently been sentenced to probation following a conviction, or if you are currently subject to a period of probation as a condition of your sentence in […]

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NJ Drug Court: A Way to Break the Cycle of Dependency and Avoid Prison

May 19, 2022
How Drug Courts Work in Monmouth, NJ

Drug Court is a Probation Program That Offers an Alternative to Prison for Those Who Have Been Charged with a Drug-Related Crime in New Jersey. In New Jersey, there is a court system for working with individuals who have been accused of committing crimes and are dependent on drugs. These drug courts, often called ‘recovery […]

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When Can Police Search Your Car in New Jersey?

December 5, 2020
When Can Police Search Your Car in New Jersey?

The following paragraphs contain a case law that explains the issues surrounding searches, seizures, and arrests in a motor vehicle context and demonstrates the potential complexity involved in protecting your rights. The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects […]

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