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Second Mortgages: Significant Opportunities, Significant Risks

May 21, 2024
Our Lawyers Help You Analyze the Legal Ramifications of a Second Mortgage in Ocean County, NJ

Second Mortgages Seem Like a Good Answer for Large Bills, But the Complexities Can Be Confusing. Our Real Estate Attorneys Can Guide You Through the Entire Process There are times when you want or need to make a large investment or payment, but it seems tough to know where to get the funds to pay […]

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Charting a Course After Permanent Disability from an Accident

May 14, 2024
Reach Out to Our Skilled Attorneys If You Have Questions About Your Permanent Disabilities After a New Jersey Accident.

An Unexpected Accident Leaves You Facing Permanent Injuries, Forever Changing Your Life and the Lives of Those Around You. Imagine you are driving to work, cruising at 60mph, enjoying your favorite Saturday podcast, when all of a sudden, a careless driver drifts into your lane, nudging the passenger’s side back panel just enough to put […]

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Recognizing and Stopping Power of Attorney Abuse

May 7, 2024
Identifying Indicators of Power of Attorney Abuse with the Help of Our Estate Plan Attorneys in Monmouth County, NJ

A Financial Power of Attorney is a Valuable Tool that Enables a Trusted Individual to Handle Your Financial Matters During Times Of Incapacity. However, What Happens When this Trust is Violated? A power of attorney is essential for those unable or unwilling to handle their financial, medical, or other affairs due to temporary or permanent […]

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Property Deeds Done Right in New Jersey Real Estate Transactions

April 29, 2024
Legal Assistance from Monmouth County Attorneys for Property Deeds in NJ Sales or Purchases

In a New Jersey Real Estate Transaction, a Deed Serves as a Legal Contract Transferring Ownership from Seller To Buyer. It’s A Public Record That Acts as Crucial Proof if Ownership is Ever Challenged. In New Jersey, a deed is used to transfer ownership of land, real estate, and buildings between two people. It names […]

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Sun’s Out, News is Out! Dive into Our Latest Firm Newsletter

April 23, 2024
Sun’s Out, News is Out! Dive into Our Latest Firm Newsletter

May 2024 Edition In This Issue Summer Time at the Shore “As the sun shines brightly over the sandy beaches and the waves crash against the shore, the coastal towns that we call home come alive with excitement and energy. The month of May ends with the annual Memorial Day Weekend which signals the unofficial […]

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Property Owners and Slip-and-Fall Liability

April 20, 2024
Our Injury Lawyers Provide You with Support Regarding Liability in a NJ Slip and Fall Accident in Belmar, NJ

Property Owners Are Responsible for Maintaining Safe Spaces and Can Be Held Liable for Slip-And-Fall Accidents Caused by Their Negligence in New Jersey In and around New Jersey office buildings and commercial properties, accidents can happen. While many occur due to a victim’s own fault, there are many cases in which an individual or entity […]

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Streamlining the Transfer of Assets to Beneficiaries

April 13, 2024

Learn About the Variety of Tasks, Considerations, and Restrictions When It Comes to Transferring Assets to Beneficiaries in New Jersey The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates the average life expectancy for men is 73.5 years. For women, that age is 79.3 years. This sounds like a very long life, which is why […]

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Conflicts over Pre-Death Gifts and Beneficiary Designations

April 6, 2024
Whether You Find Yourself as the Defendant in a Gift-Related Case or the Beneficiary of an Estate, Our Attorneys Can Provide Support in Wall, NJ

Pre-Death Gifts, Given Years in Advance, Empower Donors to Support Loved Ones Financially, Fostering Lasting Change in Their Lives. And Yet, Not All Gifts Before a Person’s Passing are Deemed Legally Valid. An individual often makes a pre-death gift to close family members or friends before death, sometimes years in advance. There are many reasons […]

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Creating a Secure Future with a Pet Trust

March 26, 2024
Secure Your Pet's Future With a Pet Trust Drafted by Our Attorneys in New Jersey.

Pet Trusts, Like Family Trusts, Ensure Furry Friends Are Cared For. New Laws Let Owners Set Aside Funds, With A Trustee Taking Immediate Responsibility. In 2024, 86.9 million households in the United States own at least one pet, while 35% own more than one.   We dress them up, show them off in our family Christmas […]

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Key Contributions of Drug Recognition Experts in DUI Cases

March 19, 2024
Explore Defense Strategies Regarding DRE Testimony With the Assistance of Our Criminal Attorneys in New Jersey

Potential Defenses Against DRE Testimony And the Necessity for Legal Counsel in DUI Cases in New Jersey If you’ve ever been pulled over while under the influence of drugs, then you understand the intense anxiety and stress that overcomes a driver in that moment. At this moment, many questions may rush through your mind, including […]

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