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How is the Privacy of Expunged Records Handled in New Jersey?

April 20, 2023
Handling Your Privacy Regarding Expunged Records in New Jersey

Even if Your Criminal Record Has Been Expunged, It Still Can Show in Specific Searches When a person is charged with a crime in New Jersey, whether a disorderly persons offense or an indictable offense, the consequences supersede fines and jail sentences. The charge remains on one’s criminal record. When disorderly persons (misdemeanor) or indictable […]

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Are You Eligible to Have Your Criminal Record Expunged in NJ?

January 18, 2022
Applying for an Expungement in New Jersey

An Expungement is a process whereby a criminal record is essentially removed or sealed, and becomes inaccessible to the public eye. New Jersey passed what is commonly referred to as a “Clean Slate” law in December of 2019, which took effect on June 15, 2020, and provides an opportunity for thousands of people to have […]

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