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Legal Options For First-Time Drug Offenders in New Jersey

November 20, 2022
Options for First Time Drug Offenders in Monmouth County, NJ

Defense Alternatives for 1st Drug Offenses in Freehold, NJ The news that you are facing a drug offense is often overwhelming and scary, especially as a first-time offender. It is also likely you don’t yet understand how the charges will impact your life, what penalties are associated, and if you have any legal options. Drug […]

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Facing False Accusations in New Jersey

October 27, 2022
How to Face False Accusations in Ocean County, NJ

Explore Your Options if You are Subjected to False Accusations in NJ Even Under the Premise of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty,” Being Falsely Accused Requires Taking Immediate Action to Defend Yourself Being accused of a crime you didn’t commit is frightening.  It can affect your job, your family, and your business.  Unfortunately, in America, the […]

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Leading Kinds of Municipal Court Matters in NJ

October 13, 2022
Learn About the Several Distinct Types of Cases That are Heard in NJ Municipal Courts

Learn the most prevalent categories of offenses and individual violations that lead to Municipal Court cases in Holmdel, Asbury Park, Wall, Long Branch, Middletown, and other municipalities   New Jersey’s Municipal Court system has jurisdiction over criminal and civil matters in the municipality that pertains to them. They handle misdemeanor crimes (known as disorderly persons offenses), […]

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Charges for Lewdness on Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach

September 21, 2022
Legal Consequences of Having Sexual Contact on Gunnison Beach, NJ

You may be shocked to find out you are facing federal charges for a lewd act on Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook, the seven mile stretch just off the coast of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Gunnison Beach is located on the peninsula of Sandy Hook, off the northeastern coast of Monmouth County proper. In the […]

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Becoming Familiar with the Conditional Discharge Program in NJ

August 7, 2022
Relevant Information About the Conditional Discharge Program in Monmouth County, NJ

First Offenders Charged with Certain Drug Offenses may Have the Option to Apply for the NJ Conditional Discharge Program The New Jersey Controlled Dangerous Substances Act defines what are considered controlled dangerous substances in the state by schedule, as well as penalties for various acts of possession, distribution, and manufacture. Some minor possession charges result […]

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Different Forms of Possession in NJ Drug Cases

July 26, 2022
Main Types of Drug Possession Cases in Monmouth County, New Jersey

There are a few main types of possession that can lead to drug charges in New Jersey. It is important to distinguish between them and understand how they impact your case. Drug possession in New Jersey is a serious offense that carries criminal charges. Some of the most common drugs that New Jersey citizens are […]

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Roadmap for Early Termination of Probation in New Jersey

June 10, 2022
Procedure and Requirements to File a Motion for Early Termination of Your Probation in West Long Branch, NJ

A petition for early termination of probation can be filed if a person completes a series of important steps and meets certain requirements in New Jersey. If you have recently been sentenced to probation following a conviction, or if you are currently subject to a period of probation as a condition of your sentence in […]

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Here Comes the Sun…and Juvenile Crimes in New Jersey

May 25, 2022
Juvenile Offenses Tend to Rise During the Summer Time in NJ

Why Do Juvenile Crimes Tend to Increase During the Summer Time? As parents, educators, and guardians, we all do the best we can to provide a nurturing environment for our young people to grow up. However, there are a multitude of young people who do not have the support they need to stay out of […]

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NJ Drug Court: A Way to Break the Cycle of Dependency and Avoid Prison

May 19, 2022
How Drug Courts Work in Monmouth, NJ

Drug Court is a Probation Program That Offers an Alternative to Prison for Those Who Have Been Charged with a Drug-Related Crime in New Jersey. In New Jersey, there is a court system for working with individuals who have been accused of committing crimes and are dependent on drugs. These drug courts, often called ‘recovery […]

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Underage Drinking and Alcohol Possession Charges in NJ

April 12, 2022
Underage Drinking, Possession, and Consumption of Alcohol in New Jersey

Underage Drinking – Possession and Consumption of Alcohol Underage Laws and Penalties Criminal Defense Attorneys Defending Underage Drinking Charges in Belmar, Red Bank, Manasquan, Asbury Park, and throughout Monmouth County Drinking alcohol can be dangerous, especially for underage drivers whose only objective is to become as inebriated as possible as quickly as possible. According to […]

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