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In New Jersey, litigation arising out of injuries caused by a defective product is governed by the state’s Product Liability Act. There are two recognized product defects under the Act and the personal injury lawyers at Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh have handled cases involving both types of defects. The first is a manufacturing defect. This is where a specific unit of a product became defective during the manufacturing process and causes an injury. Examples of this would be a defective glass bottle that breaks as you attempt to open it, a chair that is missing a part and collapses under your weight or a tire that blows out while you are driving because it was improperly made.

The other is called a design defect. This is where the product, as designed, is inherently dangerous either in that it doesn’t provide appropriate warnings or its design is likely to cause serious personal injury. For example, where a power tool doesn’t warn the end user on the proper way to use the product. This is called a failure to warn design defect. Another example is where an automobile, SUV or off road vehicle is prone to rollover or uncontrolled handling under certain conditions. In virtually all product defect cases, experts will be needed to examine the product, review relevant documentation and render and opinion.

Because the companies that manufacture these products spare no expense on their experts and attorneys, you will need a product defect injury attorney experienced in handling these types of cases. Our attorneys and paralegals have handled many of these cases, and have an established network of experts that work with us in successfully litigating these matters.

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