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Car Accidents and Potential Injuries Due to Drugged Driving

August 7, 2023
Seek Compensation for Your Injuries After a Drugged Driving Accident with the Help of Our NJ Injury Lawyers

Drugged Driving Accidents Are Caused, Not Only by the Use of Illicit Substances, but Also by Drivers Taking Prescription Medications in New Jersey. Driving is a daily routine for many New Jerseyans, yet the frequency with which we engage in this activity can sometimes cause us to underestimate the danger of motor vehicles and, particularly, […]

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Accident Reconstructionist: The Missing Piece in Your Injury Case

March 6, 2023
Personal Injury Lawyers Using Relevant Information Provided by Accident Reconstructionists in Ocean County, NJ

An Accident Reconstructionist can Help You Put the Missing Pieces Together when Preparing to File an Accident Lawsuit in New Jersey. When the details of an auto accident are difficult to discern, your personal injury attorney may call in an accident reconstructionist. These experts can prove essential to helping you recover complete financial damages for […]

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Road Rage Behind the Wheel Leads to Serious Accidents in New Jersey

January 20, 2023
Recovering Damages from a Road Rage Accident in Monmouth County, NJ

Driving Judgment Blurs When Someone Loses Control of Their Emotions, Often Causing Accidents due to Aggressive Behavior known as Road Rage In a largely commuter state such as New Jersey, drivers are subject to many different obstacles, such as traffic, badly-paved roads, but most of all, road rage and/or aggressive driving. It is important to […]

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T-Bone Accidents and Lawsuits for Injured Victims in New Jersey

January 13, 2023
Associated Effects of T-Bone Accidents in New Jersey

T-Bone Accidents May Cause Serious Damage to the Occupants of the Vehicle Impacted on the Side According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, 270,000 to 280,000 auto accidents occur each year in the state, and one quarter of them happen at intersections, where T-Bone accidents typically occur. T-Bone accidents cause approximately 8,000 deaths and […]

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Tailgating Accident Caused Your Injuries in NJ? Know Your Rights

January 6, 2023
Seek Compensation after Tailgating Accident in New Jersey

Many Tailgating Collisions, Due to Someone Else’s Negligence, Result in Severe Injuries to Other Motorists or Passengers. Tailgating occurs when drivers follow the vehicle in front of them too closely. Under New Jersey law, drivers are required to maintain a reasonably prudent distance between their vehicle and that of others while driving. Additionally, truck drivers […]

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Handling Car Accident Claims on the NJ Garden State Parkway

December 13, 2022
Personal Injury Lawyers Seeking Compensation for Injuries Caused in the Garden State Parkway

Garden State Parkway Accident Injury Attorneys in Monmouth County, New Jersey Route 444, known as the Garden State Parkway, is a busy highway with a high rate of fatal traffic accidents in the state of New Jersey.  The New Jersey Garden State Parkway, or GSP, is 172.4 miles (910,272 feet or 10,923,264 inches) long. Built […]

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Product Liability Claims for Defective Cars in NJ

December 6, 2022
How to File a Claim After an Accident Related to Defective Cars in Monmouth County, NJ

Experienced Product Liability Lawyers Discuss How to Recover Damages for Vehicle Defects in Red Bank, Asbury Park, Manasquan, and Southern New Jersey When defective products go undetected and cause harm when used, the damage can be severe, especially in the case of a vehicle. We trust our cars to take us to work, on a […]

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Claims Against Speeding Drivers who Cause Accidents in New Jersey

November 27, 2022
Seeking Commpensation for Speeding Drivers in Monmouth County, NJ

New Jersey Speeding Accident Attorneys Discuss How Excessive Speed-Related Crashes Can Cause Severe Injuries to Other Drivers or Pedestrians Even though exceeding the speed limit risks lives, speeding happens all the time on New Jersey’s roadways. In 2020, 549 fatal accidents resulted in 587 deaths. Of those 549 accidents, 142 were due to speeding. Nationwide, […]

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Causes and Consequences of Drowsy Driving in New Jersey

November 13, 2022
Implications of Drowsy Driving in New Jersey

Drowsy Driving Accident Attorneys in Monmouth County NJ Drowsy, Sleepy, or Fatigued Driving is Dangerous, Often Resulting in Accidents in Freehold, Asbury Park, Manasquan, Holmdel, throughout Southern New Jersey. Drowsy driving is a severe problem in New Jersey. Every year, drowsy driving accidents claim the lives of hundreds of people and injure thousands more. Drowsy […]

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