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State law in New Jersey addresses a myriad of theft and fraud crimes, with theft charges encompassing offenses such as shoplifting, robbery, and receiving stolen property, and fraud crimes ranging from forgery to identity theft. Notably, some cases, such as those involving credit cards, may involve both theft and fraud charges, such as those for credit card theft and credit card fraud.

While each case may vary based on the specific set of circumstances and alleged crimes, all of the offenses subsumed under this category of crimes are extraordinarily serious and may have negative consequences including a term of imprisonment, significant financial burdens resulting from restitution payments, and even negative immigration status implications for those who are not current U.S. citizens. With such severe consequences hanging in the balance, it is crucial to enlist an experienced defense attorney to ensure that your best interests are served throughout the adjudication process.

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The legal team at Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh have represented clients in a host of theft and fraud-related cases, with charges including: 

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