Hotel, Resort, and Casino Accidents

New Jersey Hotel, Resort, and Casino Accident Injury Attorneys

New Jersey Hotel, Resort, and Casino Accident Injury Attorneys

New Jersey hotels, resorts, and casinos serve as travel destinations for thousands of visitors each year. Tourists come for personal vacations, business travelers come for conferences and other work engagements, and many other frequent hotels and casinos to access their restaurants and recreational activities. Although New Jersey hotels, resorts, and casinos offer a multitude of benefits, amenities, and conveniences, they are also the sites of numerous injuries and even deaths every year. Stairways, elevators, escalators, walkways, parking lots, pool areas, spas, fitness centers, bars, and restaurants–the list of places where injuries can occur is extensive. Under New Jersey premises liability law, hotel, resort, and casino owners and operators are required to protect the safety of guests, visitors, and patrons by taking necessary measures to prevent or resolve potential hazards. If they fail to fulfill this obligation and you or someone you love is injured as a result, you may have grounds to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim.

The highly experienced personal injury attorneys at Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh, have dedicated the last 50 years to advocating for injured victims in Monmouth and Ocean counties and throughout New Jersey. With several attorneys on staff who are certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as Civil Trial Attorneys, and one partner who is among the only 43 of the 80,000 attorneys in the state of New Jersey who holds a dual certification from the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Civil and Criminal Trial Attorney, we leverage unparalleled knowledge and experience to achieve millions of dollars in damages on behalf of our clients. If you have been injured at a New Jersey hotel, resort, or casino, you deserve to be compensated for your medical expenses, rehabilitative treatment, loss of income, necessary future accommodations, and pain and suffering. We champion your cause against reluctant insurance companies and others who would attempt to thwart your pursuit of justice. Contact our Monmouth County offices today at 732-440-3950 for a cost-free case evaluation and learn more about how we can put our resources to work for you.

Accidents at New Jersey Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos

New Jersey hotels, resorts, and casinos offer a wide range of desirable offerings; however, they also leave visitors vulnerable to significant injuries if hotel owners and operators are negligent in the maintenance and management of their premises. Some of the most common accidents and injuries that occur at New Jersey hotels, resorts, and casinos include:

  • Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Accidents: can occur on stairways and escalators, in parking lots and parking garages, on sidewalks and walkways, near swimming pools, in bathrooms, in spas and fitness centers, or in restaurants and bars
  • Elevator and Escalator Accidents: can involve slip and falls, caught in between, and other accidents
  • Swimming Pool Accidents: can result in slip and falls, drowning, traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries due to diving in shallow water, and injuries caused by defective or poorly maintained diving boards
  • Recreational Accidents: can involve skiing accidents, boating accidents, jet-ski accidents, horseback riding accidents, or injuries during sporting events
  • Fires: can cause burn injuries, smoke inhalation, and other health complications, if not death, due to defective or poorly maintained smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, faulty electrical wiring, or other fire hazards
  • Restaurant and Bar Accidents: can involve food poisoning, slip and falls, and fires, as well as drunk-driving accidents and physical altercations caused by over-served intoxicated guests
  • Accidents and Injuries Resulting from Inadequate Security: crimes including assaults, robberies, kidnappings, and sexual assaults can result from negligent security practices, which may involve surveillance cameras, alarm systems, locks and safely secured entrances and exits, security personnel, or lifeguards
  • Accidents and Injuries Resulting from Insufficient Lighting: inadequately illuminated areas may prove fertile ground for slip and falls and criminal behavior

Hotel, Resort, and Casino Personal Injury Attorneys in Monmouth County NJ

An accident or injury at a New Jersey hotel, resort, or casino is by no means an isolated incident. In fact, these events can spell devastating repercussions for your physical, psychological, and financial well-being for years to come. Our seasoned personal injury lawyers will serve as your unwavering legal advocates to obtain the compensation that you need to begin rebuilding your life after an accident. Call 732-440-3950 to discuss your case and find additional information.