Brain Spinal Cord Injuries

Monmouth County NJ Brain Injury Attorneys

Brain and spinal cord injuries are some of the most devastating injuries sustained on the job. Work that is more labor-intensive creates a greater risk of such injuries.

At Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh, our attorneys represent employees who have suffered these life-altering injuries on the job. While many of them are handled under workers’ compensation, there are often third-party companies or individuals who contributed to the accident and the harm caused. We will pursue all liable parties, ensuring that you are provided the compensation you are due.

Ocean County NJ Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

The construction industry is one of the most common for workplace injuries. They can result from falls, ladder mishaps, crane accidents, equipment malfunctions, machinery defects and other heavy equipment usage.

Injuries to the head, back, neck or spine can be severe and affect your entire life, including your ability to work, both now and in the future. It is important that you have representation that understands the implications of your injury and how to fight for what you need.

Our attorneys will advocate to ensure that you are provided the money you need to cover significant medical costs and rehabilitation. We also work to see that you are provided for financially far into the future, recovering for lost wages.

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