Blossoming Horizons: March/April 2024 Newsletter

February 22, 2024

March/April 2024 Edition

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Spring Forward

“Spring is on its way. The days are getting longer, and the air will be getting warmer. Plants and flowers will soon show their first buds after being dormant all winter. While we have been far from dormant all winter, there is still a sense of revitalization that comes with spring. On Sunday, March 10th, we will once again spring forward into an extra hour of daylight. This made me start to think about time and how we spend our hours…” By: J.J. Uliano, Esq.

What is Happening at CU&W?

Our Law Firm is proud to sponsor youth sports like this cute kid’s rec basketball team and community events like the Little Silver Fire Department’s Annual St. Patrick’s fundraiser.

I Was Injured in a Car Accident: How Much Is My Case Worth?

Every prospective personal injury client wonders what their case is worth, but it is important to remember that every personal injury case is extremely fact specific. Just because you know someone that received 100K for a similar injury, does not mean that your case is worth 100K; your case may be worth more, the same, or less depending on the specific facts of your matter. There are three factors that go into the evaluation of your claim. The first factor is the nature and extent of your injury. To evaluate the nature and extent of an injury, you must consider the following: Did you have surgery? Did you miss a significant amount of time from work? Learn more in our complete newsletter below, and by clicking the following link: How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Real Estate FAQ with Andrew Walsh, Esq.

Q. Is the deposit returned to the buyer if the real estate deal falls through?

“In most cases, if the real estate deal falls through, the buyer’s deposit will be returned. Most real estate deals fall through because a contingency of the real estate contract has not been satisfied. For example, the buyer is unable to secure the mortgage, or there are inspection issues that cannot be resolved…”

Your Car Accident Injury Checklist

  • Always make sure the police have been contacted to complete an accident report.
  • Start getting medical treatment for your injuries immediately.
  • Contact your insurance company and advise them of the particulars of the accident.
  • Complete the Personal Injury Protection “PIP” form sent to you by your auto insurance company (this is how your medical bills will get paid)…

To read this issue in its entirety, visit the following link: March – April 2024 Newsletter.

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