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Our New Firm Newsletter Has Arrived!

April 1, 2023
Our New Firm Newsletter Has Arrived!

March/April 2023 Edition In This Issue I May Be Italian, but I Have the Luck of the Irish It is no secret that my family does not hail from the Emerald Isle, but this March I can’t help but feel like I have been touched by the Luck of the Irish. I have my health, […]

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Be Aware of the Consequences of DWI with a Minor in NJ

March 27, 2023
Possible Associated Consequences of DWI with a Minor in Monmouth County, NJ

Various Charges Can Stem From a DWI Offense in the Presence of a Child in New Jersey Driving While Intoxicated is a serious offense no matter what state you’re in. In New Jersey, NJSA 39:4-50 is the Driving While Intoxicated law that prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle on a public roadway while under […]

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To What Extent is a Trucking Company Responsible for an Accident in NJ?

March 20, 2023
Trucking Company's Responsibility for Negligent Drivers in NJ

Different From a Regular Auto Accident, When a Trucking Company Is Involved, Questions Arise about How To File an Injury Claim New Jersey’s roads and thoroughfares can be dangerous places, with heightened vehicle numbers, stressed individuals, and technological distractions all leading to an increase in traffic accidents and deaths in recent years. Auto accidents that […]

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Causes and Impact of Injuries for New Jersey Electricians

March 13, 2023
Common Injuries Among Electricians in Monmouth County New Jersey

Electricians’ Injuries Have Short- and Long-Term Repercussions on Their Daily Lives and Work Performance. An electrician is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in homes, buildings, and other structures. Their main role is to ensure that electrical systems are safe, functional, and meet the electrical code and regulations.  Electricians […]

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Accident Reconstructionist: The Missing Piece in Your Injury Case

March 6, 2023
Personal Injury Lawyers Using Relevant Information Provided by Accident Reconstructionists in Ocean County, NJ

An Accident Reconstructionist can Help You Put the Missing Pieces Together when Preparing to File an Accident Lawsuit in New Jersey. When the details of an auto accident are difficult to discern, your personal injury attorney may call in an accident reconstructionist. These experts can prove essential to helping you recover complete financial damages for […]

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Is an Employer Entitled to Reject a Workers’ Compensation Claim in NJ?

February 27, 2023
Learn About Your Alternatives if Your Worker´s Compensation Claim is Denied in New Jersey

Even Though Employers May Argue Some Qualified Reasons To Deny A Workers’ Compensation Claim, in Some Cases, There May Be Grounds For Refuting the Rejection Believe it or not, the mere act of filing a workers’ compensation claim doesn’t guarantee that your benefits will be given to you. Yes, an employer in New Jersey can […]

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Compensation for Hand Injuries in the Workplace in New Jersey

February 20, 2023
Benefits to Consider If You Experienced a Hand Injury at Work in New Jersey

Employees who Have Injured their Hands at Work May be Entitled to Apply for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in NJ; Learn How With Our Experienced Team of Attorneys Hand injuries in the workplace are relatively common. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), hand injuries are one of the most frequently reported […]

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Understanding Sports and Recreational Accident Lawsuits in NJ

February 13, 2023
How Negligent Behavior Leads to Injuries While Practicing Sports or Recreational Activities in NJ

Skilled Sports and Recreational Accident Lawyers Representing Victims with Sporting and Recreational Injuries in Freehold, Toms River, Middletown, and throughout Ocean County and Monmouth County    Adult sports leagues are popular throughout the nation. Unwinding after work by throwing a baseball, kicking a soccer ball, or driving a puck into the net has psychological and […]

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Prescription Drug Leading to DUI Charges in New Jersey

February 6, 2023
Learn About Your Defense Options for Prescription Drugs Leading to DUI Charges in New Jersey

Even If You Take Prescription Or Over-The-Counter Medications, You Can Still Be Accused Of Driving Under The Influence in New Jersey There are many reasons that a person may take prescription drugs, and most of them are positive for health and well-being. However, many controlled prescription drugs do not mix with driving or otherwise operating […]

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Check Out our Latest Firm Newsletter!

February 1, 2023
Check Out our Latest Firm Newsletter!

January/February 2023 Edition In This Issue Welcome 2023 On behalf of the lawyers and staff of Chamlin Uliano & Walsh, PA, I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients; I am truly honored that […]

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