How Much Does it Cost for a Criminal Defense Attorney?

September 12, 2020

Charles J. Uliano joined the Law Firm as Senior Partner of Chamlin Uliano & Walsh in 1979. Since then, he has focused his professional practice mainly on civil and criminal litigation. In the following video, Mr. Uliano provides essential information you should know when hiring an attorney for your criminal defense case.

In a criminal case, you should be aware of the fact that we charge a retainer, but that retainer is based upon the amount of work that is going to have to be done and what we think is practical. You do not waste your money with us; we do not take cases or retainers just for the sake of taking them; in other words, we are here to help you; you get your dollars worth with us because we are practical. I am not going to take a retainer from someone and then not properly earn that retainer for them. The important thing is that there is trust, and there is honesty, and that is what you get from us in any criminal matter that we handle for you.

A highly qualified criminal defense attorney can help you throughout the process from the moments immediately after your arrest, through your appearances in court, and if your case goes to trial. They can ask you questions about how you were detained by the police, either in your car, home, or elsewhere and under what circumstances. Maybe the police had no probable cause to stop you at all. If that is the case, your attorney may object to evidence gathered in an illegal stop or detention. You have Constitutional rights that must be respected throughout the legal process of charging and indicting individuals for crimes. Otherwise, you may have your case dismissed, the charges reduced, your sentence negotiated in a plea bargain, or a not-guilty verdict at your trial.

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