What remedies are employees entitled to receive in the State of New Jersey?

October 20, 2020

What remedies are employees entitled to receive in the State of New Jersey?

As a Partner, Mr. Kenneth W. Chamlin focuses his practice on Worker’s Compensation and Disability Pension. As a former Chairman of the Monmouth County Workers’ Compensation practice division, Mr. Chamlin has successfully represented both claimants and employers over twenty-five years.

In this video, Mr. Chamlin goes over the three remedies according to the law if you suffered from an injury at your workplace.

If someone has a work-related injury; there are three remedies in the state of New Jersey that that employee is entitled to receive.

The first remedy, have the employer contact their insurance company.

The first one is to have the employer contact their insurance company, who then authorizes the medical treatment. If the employee receives this medical treatment and avails him or herself so for the medical treatment, which is there, which is being offered. All the medical bills are paid at 100%. They are not deductibles; there are no copays.

The second remedy, The doctor keeps the employee out of work.

The second remedy is if the doctor who is treating the injured employee keeps the employee out of work, there is a way replacement that the insurance company must pay the employee and is based upon a formula which is not necessary for me to get into now, but is seventy percent of your wages while you are recuperating from an injury. So, there is an ability for the employee to get a wage replacement while they are under the care of the workers’ compensation doctor and recuperating; that is the second remedy.

Third remedy, someone having a lingering disability

The third and final remedy is if somebody has a lingering disability or does not make a complete recovery, they are entitled to receive compensation for the extend of that injury. So, there are three remedies again; there is the medical bills get paid at a 100% rate. Secondly, if the doctor keeps you out of work because you have to recuperate, you are entitled to a wage replacement, you have to pay your mortgage, you have to pay your rent, it enables moneys to keep flowing in while you are recuperating. And the third and final remedy is if you have a residual disability, you are entitled to receive moneys through the workers’ compensation court.

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