What should I do if I get hurt or injured at work?

September 20, 2020

What should I do if I get hurt or injured at work?

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Our partner, Mr. Kenneth W. Chamlin, Esq. focuses his practice in the area of Worker’s Compensation and Disability Pension. As a former Chairman of the Monmouth County Workers Compensation practice division, Mr. Chamlin has successfully represented both claimants and employers over twenty-five years.

In this video, Mr. Chamlin provides important information every employee should know when being injured at their workplace.

The first thing I generally tell the employee is, it is very important to report the injury. The reason you report the injury is because under the New Jersey worker´s compensation statute, once the employer receives notice of an injury under law, they are obligated. It is mandatory to notify their insurance company for workers comp and the worker’s comp insurance companies, usually the party interest who takes over the handling of the matter.

What is the next step after the notification is submitted?

But as soon as the notice is given, it triggers then a responsibility for the employer to make sure that the employee receives medical attention for the part of the body that was injured in the incident. So, if an employer does not know, they are not mind-readers; a person very well might go without medical treatment that they saw that they need, so notice is the most important responsibility for the employee, but once that happens, then the wheels of motion pretty much start to turn on.

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