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September 4, 2023

September/October 2023 Edition

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Back to School Blues

Summer is my favorite season. The longer days, the early mornings on the boardwalk, summer vacations, and fun in the pool or in the surf. I truly love it all. As a father of four, most people may assume that I am happy to send my kids off to school, but truthfully, I think we all will be experiencing the back to school blues. There is something so special about summer at the shore and how lucky we are to live here and experience the beauty of it every day…” – By: J.J. Uliano, Esq.

What is Happening at CU&W?

Charles J. Uliano & J.J. Uliano have been selected as 2023 Super Lawyers.*

*No aspect of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Please visit the Super Lawyers Selection Process for a detailed description of the Super Lawyers selection methodology.

September and October Birthdays

  • October 18th – Kirra Riley
  • October 28th – Jenna Paterno

4 Reasons You Should Not Wait to Talk to an Attorney About Your Injury

Very often our Firm gets calls from people that have been injured a year or more ago that have never consulted with an attorney about their injury. There are various reasons that people wait to call, but we would never recommend waiting. If you have been injured, here are 4 reasons you should call an attorney today.

4. Finding the Right Attorney for You May Take Longer Than You Expect: A life-altering injury is undoubtedly traumatic. It is important to have a partner through that process that can offer you the compassion that you deserve while also providing you with strategic legal advice to get you the best outcome for your matter…

3. Documentation is Key: The earlier you see an attorney about your injury the better because documentation of your injury is key. Very often we will visit clients while they are still in the hospital to ensure that their injury is being properly documented with pictures and writing…

2. You May Lose Your Right to Sue if You Wait Too Long: Most people understand the concept of the statute of limitations, that requires that you must file a lawsuit within a certain period, or your suit is forever barred…

1. It Takes Time to Put a Personal Injury Matter into Suit: The two -year statute of limitations does not mean that you can wait two years to speak to an attorney, it provides a hard deadline by when your case must be put into suit (a complaint filed with the court)…

Local Business Spotlight: Dr. Craig Leavitt

Dr. Leavitt believes that understanding all facets of a patient’s lifestyle is critical to his or her success at his office. Therefore, he evaluates the recreational, occupational, ergonomic and nutritional aspects of each patient in addition to physical symptoms. By taking these factors into account while providing effective treatment, Dr. Leavitt has helped many people achieve a greater quality of life…

You Are Invited to a Client Appreciation Party

Friday, September 29th, From 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., Location: 268 Norwood Ave, West Long Branch, NJ

Come enjoy wood-fired pizza, refreshments, games, and raffles as our way of saying Thank You!

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