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Holmdel NJ Drug Charges Defense LawyersIn New Jersey, there are a host of drug-related charges that may not coincide directly with a specific controlled dangerous substance but are criminal offenses nonetheless. For instance, an individual can be charged with a relatively minor offense such as Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, or face an extremely serious charge such as Leading a Drug Trafficking Network.

The specific drug-related alleged offense then determines the degree of the charges, the venue in which the case is adjudicated, and the severity of the potential punishments associated with a conviction. In cases involving drug charges that fall under the category of disorderly persons offenses, defendants are required to appear at the Municipal Court in the locality in which the alleged offense occurred, while cases involving more serious charges, known as indictable felonies, are held at the Superior Court in the county.

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The attorneys at Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh have defended clients facing drug charges across the spectrum, some of which include:

The lawyers at Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh have defended countless clients facing drug-related charges and are often able to facilitate their clients’ enrollment in diversionary programs as a means by which to avoid a criminal conviction. Diversionary programs, such as the Conditional Discharge Program (Municipal Court) or the Pretrial Intervention Program (Superior Court), allow first-time offenders charged with drug crimes to complete a period of probation after which the charges against them are dismissed.

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