Is it Important to Have Representation from Both a Workers Compensation and a Personal Injury Attorney in Third Party Cases?

April 10, 2020

As a Partner in the firm, Mr. Uliano practices in the Litigation Department handling Criminal Law matters in Municipal Court as well as Superior Court. Mr. Uliano is also involved in Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Litigation, Labor Law, and Estate Litigation. Based on his experience, in the following video, Mr. Uliano explains the importance of having professional legal representation in third party cases.

How to handle third-party cases?

In Personal Injury Law there’s an interplay with workers’ compensation as well. These are called third-party cases and they require both an experienced worker’s compensation attorney and personal injury attorney to work together to help bring the best results for the client. These occur in situations where someone is working so they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits but there also is somebody else who has caused them harm. Think of somebody driving a car as a salesman and struck in a motor vehicle accident, there are two different cases there and the worker’s compensation statute does require some payback back. That’s why you need an experienced attorney on both ends which this law firm is qualified to give you so that you may be able to maximize your recovery on a third party case.

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