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What Should I do if I was Charged with a Crime in New Jersey?

Monmouth County NJ Criminal Attorneys

How to Navigate Your Way through the Criminal Justice System

You thought it would never happen to you. Then, the unthinkable. You have been charged with a crime in New Jersey. What do you do now? How do you safeguard your future? Be proactive and get informed!

In this FREE guide, learn:

  • How the criminal justice process starts
  • What happens when you are arrested
  • Do’s and don’ts when talking to police
  • The details of charging and what it means for your case
  • The inner-workings of bail and detention hearings

Also Find out:

  • Why choosing an attorney based on price could cost you your future
  • The degrees of indictable crimes and what it means to be indicted
  • How grand juries work and possible outcomes at this stage of the process
  • Plea? Trial? Motions? What you should know when weighing your options
  • What happens if you are convicted and how your lawyer can help
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