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How do I Choose the Right Criminal Attorney for Me?

Monmouth County NJ Criminal Attorneys

Top Six Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The choice of your criminal defense attorney can truly make or break the success of your case. Facing the legal process alone is extremely risky, but finding and hiring the right lawyer to defend you presents a complex set of decisions and considerations. Find out how to sort through the sea of options!

With this FREE guide, you can:

  • Know what to look for when reviewing potential candidates
  • Identify valuable factors in an attorney that may impact your case
  • Ensure you ask the right questions during a consultation
  • Understand the different types of experience you want in your corner

You'll Also Learn:

  1. Key characteristics of a good criminal lawyer
  2. Information you should share immediately with an attorney
  3. Why the venue of your criminal case matters for your selection
  4. How the attorney’s assessment of your case can inform your decision
  5. Credentials that actually MEAN something to you!
He not only provided legal guidance in negotiating with with prosecutor for a downgrade to the charges, but was also a calming and supportive friend. They were instrumental in allowing me to move past this challenging time in my life and I would highly recommend their services.
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