Monmouth County New Jersey

Selling Your Home?

A How-to Guide Detailing what Every Seller Needs to Know
Monmouth County NJ Real Estate Attorneys

From Listing to Closing Table

Selling your home can seem overwhelming, like navigating new terrain without a road map. However, it doesn’t have to be! With the right knowledge and pro tips before you start your journey, you can proceed more smoothly through the process.



In this FREE guide, find out:

  • Who to contact when you start the process
  • What to do when you accept an offer
  • What happens when the contract is signed
  • When and how attorney review occurs
  • Other key documents you’ll need

You'll Also Learn:

  • The role of the buyer’s deposit
  • What to know about inspections
  • How funds and financing are confirmed
  • Must-have inspections and certificates
  • Documents and details at the closing table
We would highly recommend using Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh to represent you when purchasing or selling a home...not only provided a thorough and efficient review of purchase/sale contracts and closing documents, but they were always ready and willing to act as a trusted advisor to guide and educate us through countless questions and any issues we had.
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